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Vikings – Siam Celtic 7-1

Vikings – Siam Celtic 7-1

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Mofok 2, Christian, Christian 2, Udom, Chris

Udom 2, Chris 2, Christian 2

After the painful defeat to GAS last week it was time to get the promotion campaign back on track. Siam Celtic had previously proved to be a solid team so no easy game was expected and on top of that a couple of casualties. Richard and Michael were still out and Graeme injured his shoulder last week so couldn’t play either. Niclas came to the rescue as he took on the keeper position.


The lineup: Niclas; Travis, Breitner, Hallas, Stein; Mofok, Martin, Christian I, Jannik; Udom, Chris.


Subs: Tim, Christian II, Joel.


It was windy conditions and perhaps this made it even more difficult for Siam Celtics to come out of their half of the field. Vikings pinned them down from the very beginning and had most of the possession. It took a couple of chances before the goal came but it was worth waiting for. Christian II who had subbed in on the right midfield took the ball down the right side and as everyone expected a cross he decided to go for goal instead. The keeper had no chance. 1-0.


Next goal came directly from a corner kick. Christian I took it from the left side and it went straight for the back of the net. 2-0.


Mofok had changed to the left midfield and Chris gave him a good pass to run with. If it was fatigue or other reasons cant be known but the fact is he took his chance well outside the penalty area and hit a screamer right into the top left corner – excellent goal. 3-0.


Only few minutes later the lethal combination of Chris and Mofok struck again. Chris found Mofok in the penalty area with a nice pass and Mofok put the ball past the keeper as he came out. 4-0.


The referee called it halftime and the Vikings had a well deserved lead.


With the wind now on their back Siam Celtic found it more easy to get rid of the ball. Still they were not looking to make any sort of comeback as Vikings continued to dominate.

Udom found Chris on the right side and with great speed he got himself one on one with the keeper and scored. 5-0.


Udom had played a good game and crowned the performance with a great goal. Christian II passed him the ball and he fired it into the top of the net. 6-0.


Once again it was Udom who caused unrest in the Siam Celtic defense as he dribbled towards the goal. A defender did all the work though as his clearance found the back of the net. 7-0.


With only few minutes left of the game the Vikings got caught on a counter attack and Siam Celtic scored with Niclas left alone against two of their players. There were no more goals so the fulltime score was 7-1 in favor of the Vikings. Joel who made his debut when he came on as right back played a solid game and also Niclas did well in goal when he actually had something to do. Chris did a lot of hard work up front but man of the match was Christian I after another outstanding performance in midfield.


With the three points Vikings are back in the promotion battle and as I-Play lost 3-1 the two teams are now tied for the second place but with Vikings having a game in hand.

Match report by: Jannik