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Vikings vs. French Gaulois

Vikings vs. French Gaulois
Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card

Anas 2, Terry 1 , Keld 1,

Breitner 1, Udon 1,


Scandinavian Vikings – French Gaulois 4-2

Victory against the Frogs…

The Vikings put up a strong and solid performance against the French. In a
well-played first half the Vikings was a goal down after 20 or so minutes.
The French top scorer David scored on a penalty after been brought down by
Terry. The Vikings felt a bit unlucky to be a goal down but we should probably be happy that Terry did not pick up his second yellow card for that challenge. 5 minutes the born again striker Anders copied Ryan Giggs goal
against Lille and cleverly chipped a free kick in an empty goal with the
French goalie busy organizing his wall. A few minutes before the break the
Frogs scored 2-1. Hats off for Davids, who finished it off with a powerful
strike after turning away from Terry. Anders mentioned at half-time that not
even Cannavaro would be able to stop the French striker if he had one of
these days and we are not going to argue about that.

The Vikings was somehow still positive before the second half and believed
that we had a good chance to turn the match around. We got the early goal
when Keld struck the ball with his knee (?) and it looped over a stranded
French keeper. We continue to put pressure on the French and would probably
been a couple of goals a head if not the, not so good linesman raised his
flag as soon he had a chance. The Vikings still managed to get the third for
the day when Anders once again scored. Anders smashed a left-footer past the
keeper after a lovely pass from, for the day new right-back Breitner. 3-2
would be a good result but believe it or not there was more to come. Terry
showed there is still a lot of energy in the old mans body and made a 70 meters run without the ball. When he finally got the ball from Udon he made
know mistakes alone with the keeper, 4-2. So far the second half had been one of our best of the season and it was really just one team on the pitch.
The man in black decided to make the match more level by giving Terry a red
card for a tackle that was clearly on the ball. The last 15 minutes was therefore a bit of a struggle but because of a strong performance of the
back-four and hard defensive work from the midfielders the Frogs did not
create any real chances despite a lot of possession.

It is always good to win but to beat the whining and diving French is always
something extra. As Mofock quoted, there are 2-3 friendly French players,
the rest of them are just like Anders…

This was Sweepers last match before he is leaving us for Switzerland so the
beers flowed freely at the Pickled Liver on his account (Many thanks). Some
of the Vikings were proudly wearing the new Scandinavian Vikings shirts.
Mofock at the other hand had been digging deep in his closet to find his
white Levis 501 from the spring 1989, brilliant is the word.
Anyway, overall it was good, fun and proud day to be a Viking. Hopefully we
will have the same spirit when the league restarts again in 4 weeks.

1-1 Anders
2-2 Keld
3-2 Anders (ass Breitner)
4-2 Terry (ass Udon)

Man of the match: Breitner