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Vikings Vs. German All-stars

Vikings Vs. German All-stars
Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card
Anders 1, Hallas 1, Matt 1, Thomas 1, Claus 2
Anders 2, Johan A 2,


Deutschland, alles ist vorbei…

Vikings vs. German All-stars: 6-2

Viking goals:

1-1 Jesper Hallas (no assist)

2-1 Matt (no assist)

3-1 Claus (assist by Johan Spiderman)

4-1 Thomas (assist by Anders)

5-1 Claus (assist by Anders)

6-1 Anders (assist by Johan Spiderman)

Man of the match: Claus

The Vikings got a great start to 2006 when they took on the German All-stars this past weekend. As expected, there were a lot of rumors and news stories ahead of the important game against the German rivals. Rumors had it that Ole Bomber secretly had transferred to the other camp. Some claimed they had heard other rumors that former HSV standout, Felix Magath, would make a guest appearance for the German All-Stars, so no one knew what to expect on game day.

On paper the Vikings team looked very strong and the coaches, C1 and C2, had no doubt big expectations for the battle lying ahead. Both teams had a nervous start, but soon after the first whistle, the Vikings got a needed wake-up call, when some confusion in the Vikings defense resulted in an open chance to a German striker. An unlucky deflection on the striker’s shot left Goalie Bjarne, no chance of stopping the Germans to take the early 1-0 lead. Bjarne has taken over the goal keeper position again after former keeper Michael “Madsen i Kassen” returned to Denmark right before Christmas. It has to be mentioned that Bjarne had an outstanding comeback as a goalie for the Vikings.

A disappointing start for the Vikings, but the Vikings kept their heads high and started playing some of the best soccer seen this season. The Viking coaches had before the game made a few tactical changes to the line-up by moving a striker back in the midfield to play a 4-5-1 system with the aim of winning the battle of the midfield. The Vikings did not only win the battle of the midfield, they also started playing a very attractive passing game that stunned the coaches, the fans, and the Germans. The Vikings’ great soccer display soon resulted in an equalizer. The Germans did not manage to clear the ball after a Viking corner and Jesper Hallas picked up the loose ball in the box and made it 1-1. Shortly after the equalizer, the Vikings were awarded a free kick outside the goalkeeper’s box. Claus bend the ball like Bechkam onto the crossbar and Matt was quick on the rebound and headed the ball in the net to a 2-1 lead. The German Machine had been broken and the Vikings continued their rampage. Johan Spiderman controlling things in the back, made a long pass to Claus who controlled it with his chest and volleyed the ball in the net to a 3-1 lead. Thomas made it 4-1 on a rare assist from Anders Topscorer. And amazingly enough Anders’s unselfish way of playing soccer gave him another assist when Claus scored his second of the day to make it 5-1. The German frustration was obvious and right before halftime Anders scored on a nice header on another nice pass from Johan Spiderman. 6-1 for the Vikings at halftime, what a start to the new year! Second half did not quite live up to the high standards displayed in the first 45 minutes, but the Vikings’ comfortable lead was naturally never in danger. Half way through the second half the Germans managed to reduce the damage to 6-2. Man of the match, Claus, scored a spectacular goal in second half; the ball came off the crossbar and Claus bicycle-kicked the rebound for his hat trick. Anders’s goal scoring instinct, however, interfered the play and the goal was disallowed due to offside. Nicklas CEO made sure that the spectators were entertained by getting three cramps, but CEO showed the Vikings eagerness to play, but when he had to be carried off the pitch for the third time, CEO was no longer allowed back on the pitch. Enogh is enough.

A great way to start the new year, and the Vikings proved with their impressive passing-game that they are a team to be reckoned with. The players all agreed that the Viking Spirit still is going very strong and the team thus celebrated the win with style in the streets of Bangkok, as it is not every day you get to beat one of your arch-rivals with a 6-2 tennis score.