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Vikings vs Londoners 1-3

Today we were up against one of the top teams in the league in an afternoon game at the Arsenal pitch in Sukhumvit 71. The 40 degrees didn’t stop the Vikings to put some real pressure on the Brits the first 20 minutes. But after that the Londoners started to dominate the midfield and scored a well deserved 1-0.

However, Vikings continued to cause trouble up front, where Kenny turned out to be to fast for the big defenders and too strong for the smaller ones. With some luck there would have been an equalizer, especially when Kalle fired off a power shot.

Instead the Brits managed to score another goal and we had 0-2 at half time.

The second half was just as exciting, and when Martin V scored, the Brits where indeed shaking. This was followed by two absolute super saves by their goalie on shots from Kenny and Bert, and these turned out to be decisive. Micke J also took a shot from center pitch as the goalie was off guard, and was only inches away from an equalizer.

Luck was not on Vikings’ side as the Brits received a free kick that slipped under Breitner in goal.

Overall, hats off for a stronger team but the Brits know for sure that playing the Vikings is no simple thing.

Hats off also to Kenny for becoming man of the match and for Bobbo leading the tifosi.

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