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Vikings vs. Patana

Vikings vs. Patana
Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card

Anas 4, Udom 1,

Sweeper 1, Chris 2, Neil 1


Scandinavian Vikings – Patana 5-2 (2-0)

Anas is back…

After a slow start to the season the bald and ugly head of Anas once again popped to the surface of The Casual League. With 4 goals and a man of the match performance he looked sharp and focused like never before. The game took off in the first half when Anas got a long pass from Sweeper and although he is everything but fast and fit he somehow continued his run to open the scoring. Second goal was similar and at half time the Viking camp was in complete harmony as nobody expected the three points to slip away.

But second half started differently. A couple of loose Viking chances were missed and suddenly Patana reduced to 1-2 to put tension back in the game. This lasted only a few minutes until Anas again took one of his characteristic rushes from the middle line to restore the 2 goal lead.

Bjarke then had two wide open opportunities but missed the target on both occasions. Maybe it was because he was half deaf on the left ear from the shouting from C2 to pass the ball to him. Again Patana reduced the lead to one goal at 2-3 but then Anas stroke again putting a loose ball from a corner kick in to the net. The match was closed by Udom who took a rush from the middle line passed the goalie and scored to 5-2.


Funny story of this game is that two Swedes each avoided goals from a penalty. Richard as goalie with a heroic save right at the left post and Chris as the penalty shooter making a dull back pass to the goalie who already was lying down in the middle of the goal.

Vikings – Patana: 5-2
1-0 Anas (Sweeper)
2-0 Anas (Chris)
3-1 Anas (Chris)
4-2 Anas (Neil)
5-2 Udom

Man of the Match: Anders Fisker