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Vikings vs. Pickled Liver

Vikings vs. Pickled Liver
Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card

Anders 2, Johan L 2, Colin 1,

Sweeper 1, Anders 2,
Johan L

Scandinavian Vikings – Pickled Liver 5-1(2-0)

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Revenge was in the air on a hot Saturday at Pattana even though it didn’t look so before the game. With Terry and Neil playing in the Bangkok 7’s tournament and C1, C2 and Sweeper all doubtful with injuries the squad was stretched to the limit. For the same reason the old super star Johan Lagerkrantz was flown in from Sweden to play what later proved to be a memorable come-back game.

The game started slowly with Vikings in control but the crowd was silenced in shock when C1 limped off the pitch after only five minutes with an injured hamstring in the left thigh. The general opinion amongst the expert crowd was that this would be a big blow for Vikings and a boost for Pickled Liver. Everyone knew that C1’s importance for the Viking team could only be compared with John Terry’s contribution to the Chelsea team.

But Vikings didn’t crumble. C2 took charge on the pitch, C1 controlled the subs with a hard hand and Lagerkrantz started his own little one-man show scoring the first goal from a fine pass from C2.

The second goal came in the middle of the half from a direct free kick although C2 had to send the ball in to the net twice. First time it was disallowed by a Thai referee proving once again that the refereeing standard in the Casual League might be low but at least they keep it at a constant low level!

The second half started with a neat double pass combination between Lagerkrantz and Anas sending the flying Swede through in the penalty box. The cool finish between the legs of the goalie only underlined the high quality of the best goal of the match.

3-0 to Vikings and it started to look like a real punishment of Pickled Liver when a penalty was rewarded soon after. C2 stepped up to the spot with his normal stupid smile on the lips. He had something special planned for this one. Instead of hammering the ball in to the net he would fake the shot, send the goalie diving at the post and then calmly loop the ball into the empty net. A fantastic goal that would leave him alone with all the admiration from the many female spectators at the sideline. He ran on to the ball, did the small fake trick with his pelvis that sends the goalie diving (and the girls screaming) and then he slowly tipped the ball in to what should have been an empty net. Unfortunately the goalie didn’t react. If he was that much smarter than C2 or simply not clever enough to see the sophisticated C2 trick is hard to say, but the result was that he stood still like a rock and made the easiest catch of the ball with a surprised look in his face. What a lame way to waste a penalty….!

Soon after Pickled Liver reduced to 1-3 and the Viking team all thanked C2 for opening up the game again, but it was not to be for The Pickled Liver. Michael Sweeper rushed in directly from a shopping spree in Carrefour and terrorized the right hand side of the pitch before serving the ball on a plate for C2 just in front of goal. 4-1 Vikings/

Later on Colin closed the game with a strong header from a corner kick, scoring his first goal for Vikings in his first game.

The Swedish rock star Johan Lagerkrantz was voted man of the match even though he played right back for most of the second half.

Vikings-Pickled Liver 5-1 (2-0)

1-0 Johan Lagerkrantz (Anders)
2-0 Anders
3-0 Johan Lagerkrantz (Anders)
4-1 Anders (Michael Sweeper)
5-1 Colin

Man of the match: Johan Lagerkrantz