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Vikings Vs. Robin Hood


Robin Hood caught stealing from the poor…

Vikings vs. Robin Hood: 2-3

Viking goals:

1-1 Tim “Tuna” Real (assist by Anders)

2-2 Chris Lundquist (assist by Henrik Hansen)

Man of the match: Henrik Hansen

Before the game Robin Hood was placed one point above The Vikings in the league and the game proved to be just as even as the league standings suggested.

Robin Hood dominated the beginning of the game with a strong midfield putting pressure on The Vikings but struggling to create clear and open goal scoring opportunities. The Vikings had a couple of dangerous looking free kicks from Anas just outside the penalty box but The Robin Hood keeper was up for the task. The only one he didn’t catch was deflected in the wall and hammered on the outside of the post before it went out for a Viking corner.

Just after that Robin Hood scored the first goal of the game in the middle of the half. The Viking response was a corner kick where Anas headed the ball across goal to Tim “The Tuna” Real who showed fast reflexes by getting to the ball before the defenders and making the equalizer. 1-1 at half time.

In the half time break Robin Hood decided to give the big crowd something extra to cheer for and a small argument evolved into a huge fight among Robin Hood players with water bottles and green shirts flying all over the place. With a little smile on their faces The Vikings players headed out for second half only to see Ian from Robin Hood rush off the pitch to finish off the fistfight. The result was a split decision where Ian seemed to be winner on points.

After the “King of the Cave” performance the football began again this time with Vikings being the aggressive team pushing forward and creating a couple of good opportunities. But instead of a Viking goal Robin Hood took the lead with a free kick 40 yards away from goal. What looked to be a harmless pass into the box was carried by the wind to the back of the net. The Viking keeper is still wondering what went wrong and if he could improve his goal keeping performance by starting to use both hands.

However, The Vikings didn’t loose faith and kept on the good momentum creating more chances and in the middle of the half the Robin Hood keeper was beaten as the ball was bouncing slowly towards goal. Gravesen took one of his trademark rushes (same as when he realizes he is out of beer and heads for the bar!) got on to the ball and 1 meter from the goal line he hammered it on to the cross bar missing the biggest chance of the century so far. Even Hans Bjerg’s bedstemor would have put this ball in to the net.

The coaching team was still in disbelief over the stupidity of Gravesens play when Henrik caught a loose ball midway on the Robin Hood half passed it on to Chris Lundqvist who rushed from the right wing in to the penalty box and scoring with a flat shot in the left side of the goal. The Vikings were back in the game looking confident that they could clinch all three points.

But instead of the winning Viking goal that everybody in the huge crowd expected Robin Hood once again sneaked a goal and went in front for the third time in the match. The Vikings couldn’t believe their bad luck and started to wonder if it was only the mean Prince John that Robin Hood was stealing from.

But the bad luck continued for The Vikings as the pressure in the dying minutes of the game first resulted in a Robin Hood clearance on their own goal line that bounced on the post and again out for a Viking corner. The corner was quickly taken and the following header was won by a Robin Hood defender sending the ball on to his own cross bar for the fourth time in the game.

As the game was over The Vikings started to wonder if the stories they remembered about Robin Hood really was true. Could it be that Prince John actually was the good guy and Robin was the bad guy stealing from poor and simple people like The Scandinavian Vikings. At least all Vikings felt that the three points Robin took home on this day didn’t belong to him.