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Vikings vs Singapore


Dave Moore in his debut as Goalkeeper of the Bangkok Scandinavian Vikings was victorious over the traveling squad from the Singapore Vikings.  The game started with C1 low shot from the corner of the box that was just out of reach of the Singapore Goalie.  Bangkok took the score to 2-0 on a brilliant combination from Henrik to C2 who netted his first goal of the season.  Midway through the first half it looked like another repeat of last year’s match with a C1 C2 combination to add another goal for the player formerly known as “Top Scorer”.  The half ended with the score remaining at 3-0. 

The second half opened with both teams looking like they spent the off season with little or no training.  Singapore continued to knock on Bangkok’s door but Moore seemed to find his form in the second half and was able to deny Singapore on several occasions.  Singapore brought the score to 3-1 with a hard shot that somehow eluded the Bangkok Goalkeeper.  A revived Singapore was now smelling blood but the calm and tranquility of the Saturday afternoon match was broken by a sharp on target pass from C2 to Tim Tuna “The Real Deal” who calmly put the ball in the back of the net to go up 4-1 (some said it looked suspiciously like a set of tuna in the net).  Singapore again was on the attack and was on the board with a Bangkok own goal.  Time was running out for the Singapore Squad as they came firing back to make the score 4-3.  All of a sudden memories of the Viking Cup were dancing in the heads of the Bangkok Vikings.  However, the Bangkok Iron Clad Defense with Moore backing them up was able to deny many last minute efforts by the Singapore team in the waning minutes of the game.  The final whistle blew much to the relief of both squads and Moore was Victorious in his debut with the Bangkok Vikings.

The Bangkok sun had set on the Singapore Vikings once again but it was the darkness which found Singapore hit its form.  The evening started at the Bangkok Viking’s new club house appropriately named “Pickled Liver”.  The party was started with a Viking welcome drink for Rene who immediately was welcomed by the Bangkok Vikings after neatly polishing off a beer followed by a shot of tequila.  Unfortunately due to the absence of Sharad, Rene did not have to do a Tequila Stunt Man (that will come later!).  After finishing the dinner it was now time for the Beer Cup Competition.  Bangkok lined up their team with “The Real Deal” leading off, followed by Moore, Morten, Sweeper and anchored by C2.  Bangkok was clearly out of form with hesitation after every drinker and was handily beaten by the Singapore Squad.  It was clear that Singapore had been in training over the off season and Bangkok’s lack of form clearly hurt them.  C1 immediately demanded serious training to ensure that this embarrassment does not happen again.  The evening continued with a Farewell Toast for Henrik and Morten.  It is fortunate that Henrik scores some goals as his beer drinking was an embarrassment to his Viking Heritage.  Morten carried his weight with a neatly downed beer which proved that there at least one of the squad leaving was a True Viking.  Overall it was a good day and the victory in the game somewhat dampened the defeat in the Beer Cup.

The Vikings have signed several new players for the new season. Morten looked ‘hot’ during and after his debut game.