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Vikings vs. Sunbelt Asia

Vikings vs. Sunbelt Asia
Man of the Match
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Anas 4, Neil 1 , Keld 1, Mofok 1,

Richard 2, Anders 1,


Scandinavian Vikings – Sunbelt Asia 4-2

Vikings are HOT again…

Vikings are back on the winning track! After two very disappointing games
against the Japanese and British Club, we got three well-needed points against
Sunbelt. The match against Sunbelt didn’t start out very well though. After
some misunderstandings in our defense, Sunbelts nr 10 could take advantage
of the situation and put it in the top corner. No chance for our excellent
keeper Michael. After that miserable start we got ourselves together, and
actually tried to play some decent football. In the middle of the first half
one of these attempts resulted in the equalizer. Neil made an excellent run,
got the ball from Richard a few meters outside the box, and on half-volley
blasted it in via the crossbar! Even though it was right over the
goalkeeper, he had no chance catching it. After the 1-1 goal, there were no
more really dangerous goal attempts, and 1-1 when the ref blew the half-time
whistle felt like a pretty fair result. However, it felt like Vikings had a
lot more to give.

We really showed that from the start in the second half.
Most of the audience wasn’t back from the cafeteria when Keld got the ball
outside the box. He made it look so easy when he just put the ball next to
the keepers left post. This was the start we needed, now it really felt like
this was our game. Logically, 3-1 soon followed when Anders ugly head
reached highest on one of Kelds many good corners. Now we got even more
confident and Sunbelt looked like a beaten team. What should have been the
nail in the coffin came in the middle of the half. After a good dribbling
session from Anders he provided Mofok with an excellent pass. It was just
for Mofok to put it in an open goal from a close distance. An easy goal some
might say, but keep in mind: Ruud van Nistelrooy has never scored outside
the box, neither has Mofok.
After 4-1 we started to relax and unnecessarily let Sunbelt back in the
game. They almost immediately got one back. We were really put under
pressure for the last 20 minutes. With 10 minutes to go, Michael made a
crucial save when he somehow managed to change direction in the air and tip
the ball over the bar. We managed to ride out the storm though, through some
good defending and sacrificing work from our strong central line. Now we’re
looking forward against the match against Pickled liver. We’ve got revenge
to claim after the debacle against them last time.

Vikings-Sunbelt 4-2

1-1 Neil (Richard)
2-1 Keld (Richard)
3-1 Anders
4-1 Mofok (Anders)

Man of the match: Richard