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Vikings Vs. Sunbelt Asia


Strong and heated Vikings performance

Vikings vs. Sunbelt Asia: 3-1

Saturday 4/3 15.00 at Patana


1-0: Anders Schmidt, assist Niclas Uddman

2-0: Henrik Hansen, assist Anders Schmidt

3-0: Henrik Hansen, no assist.

Yellow card: Anders Schmidt

Man of the match: Terry Boulton.

The teams were all fired up on Saturday before the game as C2 has started a verbal fight with the Sunbelt coach the days before. With the last encounter between these two teams ending 3-3 there were big expectations in the crowd for a high scoring game but C1 wanted it differently. Being suspended after last weeks red card he calmly lead the Viking troops from the sideline.

The biggest worry for the coaches before the game was who should fill out the big gap in midfield when the normal physical dominance from C1 was missing. Having other players in midfield being more than a few kilos over their best form the big hole in midfield could only be closed by Terry Boulton. Probably the only other Viking player that can match the physical game of C1.

As the match went on The Vikings soon began to dominate and control the game. After a few loose chances Nicklas Uddman suddenly popped up in the Sunbelt penalty box passing the ball across to C2 who with his normally stone cold left leg lifted the ball up into the corner of the goal. 1-0 Vikings.

Only minutes later Henrik Hansen took a rush down the left side ending up at the edge of the penalty box and hammering the ball on to the nearest post. But unfortunately for him the ball went back into play. The luck changed though for Henrik in the middle of the half when C2 reacted surprisingly fast for his standards and took a quick free-kick at the middle line to Henrik who was wide open in front of goal. This time there were no doubt in his mind and he scored for a 2-0 Viking lead.

At half time The Vikings seemed to be in total control of the game.

Second half started as the first half ended with Vikings having most possession of the ball passing it around the pitch. A couple of dangerous looking free-kicks outside the penalty box were wasted by C2 until Henrik finally stood up and pushed C2 away from the scene of the action. Instead of a weak C2 return pass to the goalie Henrik found the way to the net with a cool placed free-kick in the lower right side of the goal. 3-0 to The Vikings and the game seemed to be over.

The rest of the match was a quiet affair except for the circus stunts put in by C2 and Emilio Malucchi from Sunbelt. First Emilio tried to wrestle C2 down at the middle line. Surprisingly his arms were long enough to reach all the way around the beer belly of C2 and he kept a firm grip until “The Artist Formerly Known As The Topscorer” decided to break loose. The result was a clumsy attempt to elbow Emilio who in true Italian style reacted like a primadonna falling to the ground in the most theatrical way. Inzaghi would have been proud to be able to put on a similar show. The referee wanted to add to the entertainment so he firmly showed C2 a red card which really made things going. Just before the chaos culminated the referee discovered his mistake and changed the sending off to a yellow card calming the players down.

In the dying minutes of the game Emilio got a small revenge by curling a nice shoot in the goal from the outside of the penalty box. 3-1 was the final result in a game that The Vikings controlled from the beginning to the end.