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Vikings Vs. Sunbelt; Nov 19, 2005

Vikings – Thai Union Tuna 4-4

Mike, Ben, Stein, Tim
Alioune, Chris

Mahatchai, Thailand – Following up on a crushing defeat of the Japanese on Sunday afternoon, the hungry and thirsty Vikings, in hopes of concurring Asia, redeployed and moved south to engage in battle with the Kingdom of Siam. Sunset brought the Vikings to the western outskirts of Bangkok to the home of the Thai Union Tuna Tigers (TUTT). A hostile SRO crowd, giant mossies, and the TUTT greeted the Mighty Vikings and the “Captain of the
Day” Tim “Tuna-Real Deal”. Regular Captains Mofok and Chris strategized that only Captain Tuna would be able to crack the TUTT defensive force. The Vikings did not know what to expect from the TUTT but fearlessly opened a strong offensive push. The attack started at mid-field with a tap from Tim Tuna to Chris who adeptly swam through the TUTT defense and found the right winger skating into the crease. The right winger, Mike “Hip Check” Schenk, was travelling at a speed rarely seen in the Tropics, hit a slap shot that hit the top bar and rebounded into the net. The TUTT fought back in valiant runs but could not crack the Viking wall. The Vikings struck back midway through the 1st half with another strike from
the right side by Ben. The solid defense with Breitner in goal kept the TUTT scoreless and the half concluded with the Vikings on top 2-0. After an inspiring halftime speech from CEO – Khun Thiraphong, the second half started with the TUTT taking it to the Vikings on long balls and runs
up the field. The constant barrage of the new found energetic TUTT (TUTT players were heard to mumble something about losing their jobs if they
didn’t win) found the net on a run and gun to narrow the gap to 2-1. The Energizer Bunny TUTT again penetrated the Viking defense and found the back of the net with the equalizer 2-2. The Viking defense assisted by Midfield Mad Man Martin gave constant chase which allowed the Vikings to frustrate the TUTT offensive. Just when things were looking bleak, MMMM took out the big guns with a perfectly executed throw in to the middle of the box which
resulted in shots flying back and forth. Finally with no opportunity to hit the bar, hit over the bar, hit left of the bar, hit right of the bar or otherwise, Stein found the Holy Grail and put the Vikings up 3-2 (by the way-“finally” refers to Stein “finally” scoring a goal). The TUTT were not to be denied and minutes later sent the ball ricocheting into the net 3-3. The Vikings seemed a little perplexed where all these TUTT players were coming from with new found energy after 70 minutes of football (again
something about a halftime threats speech). The crowd was smelling victory and became louder by the minute as the TUTT answered every Viking invasion. Suddenly out of nowhere the TUTT, guaranteeing further employment, banked a
shot off Matt (assuring Matt that he would score a goal before his
departure-unfortunately for the wrong team) and into the net to lead for the first time in the match 4-3. (For the record-the ball would have gone in anyway even without the deflection-However, the own goal will be credited to Matt in his attempt to break Semi-Retired Bomber’s OT Top Scorer and OT MVP Records…OT is not overtime but Other Team.) The Viking’s were crushed, the hostile crowd was roaring and the Vikings were tiring out. The TUTT was relentless and were already calculating their increased bonuses and guaranteed lifetime employment (also in the CEO speech). Attack after attack was turned back as the Vikings’ instinct as fierce warriors was
reincarnated. With time running out for the Vikings, they again went on the offensive with MMMM’s thundering pitch from the sidelines finding the middle
of the box again. Stein positioned himself perfectly to put ANOTHER goal on his tally sheet but miracles were not to happen twice! Instead the ball careened off almost every TUTT player and as a last ditch effort (to keep
employment and bonuses) the Hand of God attempted to push the ball away. Unfortunately, the referee clearly saw the TUTT’s players hand in the cookie
jar and THIS time could not make ANOTHER unfavorable call against the Vikings. The capacity crowd fell silent as the (now unemployed) referee pointed to the spot to award a penalty to the Vikings. A bit of confusion
ensued as Tim Tuna remained planted at the penalty spot. The crowd by now was so quiet that the Viking Team whispers could clearly be heard “2 Miracles in ONE night is IMPOSSIBLE”. The pressure of the moment blocked
Tim Tuna’s ears and what he actually heard was “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”. Tuna quickly looked down to avoid eye contact with his fellow Vikings and upon doing so clearly saw three stripes on his tightly laced boots – the
first stripe said “IMPOSSIBLE”. Not being deterred by this ominous word went to the second stripe which said “IS” and gathered up all his courage to go to the third stripe. Tuna’s eyes were glazing over; the pressure was mounting as he read the first two letters which were flashing in neon lights – “N” “O”. Tuna quickly hit F7 for a spell check and the word “NOW” appeared. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOW! The entire Viking Team fell silent as Tuna
waved away all his Teammates. Pride, Face, Image, Respect, Self Esteem and Career suddenly propelled Tuna forward and without any hesitation, slammed
the ball into the upper right corner of the net. The second Miracle had happened! Tuna’s valiant effort propelled the Viking defense and the first every TUNA TOURNEY ended in a draw.
Both teams were treated to free flowing beer and dinner by the TUTT CEO. Another draw was the result of the Beer Drinking Contest -1-1. Goals: Mike “Hip Check” Schenk, Ben, Miracle 1 – Stein, Miracle 2 – Tim